The Importance Of Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Why do companies strive to achieve exceptional levels of customer service, and satisfaction?

A happy customer will promote your business and become what we like to call “Raving Fans”.  Here at Total Debt Freedom we have really taken the time to build our customer service model around five major components.

  1.  Know your client:  It is important in the early stages to get to know your client, by finding common ground, something that makes your relationship unique to them.  This is important as you want to create a sense of comfort or friendship.  But most of all trust.  This will help to also understand their tolerances to change as industry is ever changing and can be unpredictable.
  2. Contact:  This is a component that could almost be the most important.  Keeping in contact with your clients on a regular basis is what will continue the trust that was developed in the early stages.  Contact is not a message or a note, it is an interaction.  We strive to stay in contact with our clients on a frequent basis.
  3. Communication:  Most people think that the art of communication is all about “talking”.  This is just a portion of what makes up the action of communication.    For example we reach out to our clients once a month on a regular basis, but we also make sure we have the resources to reach out to them when it is unexpected.  Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, as well as through many social media outlets to keep updated about current events in the industry, as well as internally.
  4. Feedback:  Feedback is an important tool in measuring the success of your customer service.  This will allow you to adapt, change, and implement procedures to make the client more comfortable with the service or product that you offer.  It is important to make sure that your client is heard, and that you understand how your clients feel.  We have built our program fully understanding how our clients feel during all stages, and we continue to gather feedback from our clients to help improve our processes.
  5. Results:  The ability to show results to your clients allows them to feel they are not alone in the process.  This is also a way for the company to see that the level of customer service they are providing will get their clients to the end result.  For us that is graduation, debt freedom, and Raving Fan Status.

To sum it all up we are looking to create an experience for our client’s that is unique, and personal, while maintaining one common goal that building a relationship will achieve the desired end result of becoming debt free.

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