Massive Debt Management Scam

There are several companies who advertise that they can help you with your credit card debt, unfortunately some of them are a total scam and will take your money without doing any work.

I’m talking about “debt management”.  I’ve heard too many people tell us they have responded to an ad promising debt management help and what ends up happening is this:  You sit down and get a 30 minute consultation and fill out some financial information.  The consultant charges you anywhere from $250 – $1,000 up front and then walks you across the hallway and introduces you to a trustee to file for bankruptcy .

Watch out for these debt management marketers, they are all over subways, local free papers and  Debt management is a broad word.  There are only two reputable industries that can get you out of credit card debt for a reasonable cost, one is debt settlement and the other option is for more severe debt problems like bankruptcy or consumer proposals which is offered by trustees in bankruptcy

If you want to go bankrupt, go see a bankruptcy trustee for a free consultation and save the money you would spend on a debt management outfit.  If you are ever unsure about an offer advertised, it’s a good idea to check out the bbb rating of a company before you waste your time and money on a middleman.  If nobody is a raving fan of the company, then skip it and find one that has raving fans. 

You could of course call our office and get a free consultation on your debt,  and if the best solution to your problem is bankruptcy, we’ll tell you that for free.

3 Comments to Massive Debt Management Scam

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  2. goodnelly says:

    Yes, it is a proven fact that a lot of consumers become victims of debt management scams. A close of friend of mine recently got victimized by the debt management scams. She had a debt amount of around $4500. My friend Kiara enrolled in the debt management company after they promised her that she would be able to get out of debt within 1 week. She even paid a hefty upfront fee to the management company. However, the company didn’t provide her with any service. When she tried to contact them, the company representative could not be reached. So, I think it is really very important for all the consumers to know about the tips to avoid debt management scams.

  3. Thanks tons for that feedback Nelly, thats exactly the type of scam I am looking to expose.